Notice: RISEC has been reformed and merged into new Information Technology Research Institute on April 1, 2015.

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RISEC has currently five research groups each of which is dedicated for one of four our research goals:

  • Secure IT Services
    • Secure Services Research Group (Tsukuba)
      • Biometrics Research Party (Tsukuba)
  • Control System Security for Defending Industrial Infrastructure
    • Control System Security Research Group (Tsukuba)
      • Control System Security Center Research Party (Tsukuba)
      • IC Chip Security Research Party (Tsukuba)
      • Malware Testbed Research Party (Tsukuba)
  • Dependable Software Development
    • System Life-cycle Research Group (Kansai)
    • Software Reliability Research Group (Tsukuba)
  • Innovative Information Systems Security
    • Research Group for Innovative Cryptography (Tsukuba)