Notice: RISEC has been reformed and merged into new Information Technology Research Institute on April 1, 2015.

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í┌Research Baseí█ AIST Tsukuba (Central), AIST Kansai
í┌Research Participating Technology Research Associationí█ Control System Security Center (CSSC)
í┌Outlineí█ As IT becomes more prevalent in society, threats that exploit vulnerabilities in information systems that lead to theft of information assets such as intellectual property or privacy information, as we as threats that bring down an IT system, are increasing. Also, since the scale of embedded systems in vehicles, telecommunications, and financial systems continue growing and are becoming increasingly complex, system design and modification relying on traditional manual methods are facing at risks of disastrous failures. Through research and development of security for IT services in clouds and for control system in industrial infrastructures, safe methods for system design and maintenance, in industies. Furthermore, we conduct innovative research on new encryption algorithms including functional encryption with complete mathematical proofs as countermeasures against new threats breaking out daily.